The disappeared

Written by sigolene Prébois


Posted on September 28 2021

In 1968, I stopped the bottle, the revolutionary design of Prisunic, seduced my very young mother who bought eight water glasses. Named SATURNA, designed by Guy Boucher, manufactured by Duralex-Saint Gobain in pressed-molded and tempered glass, these glasses still accompany me every day. My children drank daily with it, my brother and I did the same. And for 53 years there are still five out of eight. Nice performance!

I love their design and would die for more. Well, they are almost untraceable.

I only found three in one life at the Puces and one of them was unrecognizable. Filled to the brim with a sticky scented candle, its narrow base sank into a cylinder of lacquered cardboard; I deduced that Saint Gobain had sold off its unsold items to a company that left no trace.

Even photos are rare. For those who are not familiar with these glasses, they can hardly be distinguished in the Prisunic catalog n°4.

On the Net, there is the photo of the Museum of Decorative Arts with the notice on the designer.

But on Guy Boucher, I also have the greatest difficulty in finding information. I know that he was born in 1935 and died in 1992. I also know that in the 1970s he designed flashlights for Varta and Mazda, a tape dispenser for Rubafix and scaling scissors signed with his name on the handle. Then in the mid-80s, he created the company SOL3 focused on comic book character sculpture and artist publishing.

When you do an internet search on a minor artist, you come across a blind spot that lies between the end of the 1970s and the beginnings of the World Wide Web. No one has yet taken the time to digitize the data that perhaps existed in a few books. This saddens me a little. So if you have information, do not hesitate to send it to me.

Sigolene Prebois