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Set of 4 shiny stamped stainless steel cutlery, including knife, fork, soup spoon and dessert spoon

Their folk motifs, a distant evocation of an outmoded Eastern Europe, embellish your tables with a touch of sophistication.

Elegant on both sides, Hallmarked Cutlery plays with wars of propriety. Whether they are upright points or points on the tablecloth, the forks present their singular coat of arms and retain their distinguished manners. The spoons remain stoic from the extreme cold to the intense heat and the knife laughs with all its teeth in the face of adversity.

The cutlery is made of stainless steel to go daily and worry-free in the dishwasher.

Knife: 23cm
Fork: 22 cm
Soup spoon: 21.5 cm
Dessert spoon: 14.5 cm