30 years, 30 fly stories

Written by sigolene Prébois


Posted on September 27 2022


A small party recently took place on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Tsé & Tsé.

The dishes were refined and the table well set. However, you will be surprised; the guests invited to the party were somewhat… How could one say? “Unusual”? Absolutely. We could not qualify them as absurd or eccentric but rather atypical, unaccustomed to events of this kind.

Once settled, they stretched out their long charming or repugnant legs, you be the judge; and put them on the edge of the plates. Neither one nor two, silence fell. You could almost “hear the flies flying”. The dishes that followed one another disappeared visibly.
As the dinner went on, the strange individuals, having eaten their fill, began to chat. Tongues loosen. They told their stories in turn, each as intriguing as the other. Some of them already knew each other, they had come as a group. One of them, who arrived alone, had a big head, almost a little megalomaniac. Some were talking about travel, with a dreamy air, you could tell they were already on the move, trying for too long already to remain seated in their chairs. Others, more shy, spoke less and continued to eat in silence. Charmers were also more discreet, but no less present. I must add that all these guests were proudly dressed in their most beautiful and unique outfit. They had been able to show originality for the anniversary of Tsé & Tsé. However, if some did not recognize themselves in this strange and somewhat eclectic group, I was sure that they all had one thing in common.

One of them, not the funniest of the bunch, suddenly said "we shouldn't be here." Surprised, all eyes turned to him. With a serious air, which we would later prefer to take lightly, he exclaimed, “Flies are forbidden! ".

"30 years, 30 stories of flies" is a limited series of 30 plates 27cm in diameter, displaying different designs of flies, sometimes humorous, sometimes poetic.

The patterns are printed in “chromo”. This is an image transfer on ceramic. The decals imagined in the workshop were placed on the enamelled pieces. Already baked twice, for the biscuit and then the enamel, they were then fired a third time at a lower temperature, between 750 and 950°C. The images, in black and white or in color, are thus fixed on the plates.

This technique has made it possible to create this funny collection. The 30 flies invited to adorn our iconic Hungry plate, happily keep company with the Tsé & Tsé fly that we know well.

Indeed, it is indeed a story for the less "original" ...