Saturn, the god of celebration and laziness!

Written by sigolene Prébois


Posted on September 28 2021

Some autumn evenings, the Sloths suffer from melancholy.

We then see them dozing, incognito and upside down, in their plant camouflage, swaying gently in the wind.

hanging glass drop vase
Normal, you will tell me, since the Sloths are children of Saturn, the god of melancholy?
Yes, but now, the Saturnalia were also great Roman festivals where people delighted with food, wine and many gifts. Popular festivities where the interiors of houses were decorated with plants.

And you will admit that designer Guy Boucher's Saturna glasses (read the blog on their incredible longevity) have nothing to do with sadness.

What to conclude? The famous icy rings of the planet Saturn could disappear within 100 million years (according to NASA). And the Sloths don't care...