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Tea cup in white porcelain and platinum chromo, height 8.5 cm, Ø 8.5 cm

Irregularly shaped, this enamelled white porcelain cup is adorned with a platinum chromo. It is distinguished by the handful of small silver confetti that have been thrown around its borders. It is observed that most of them have tended to regroup towards the heights, although some bravely continue to descend.

The porcelain is handmade using the traditional casting process in Hungary. This method of artisanal manufacture gives it finesse and solidity. At each casting, we observe differences that are the expression of the unique and singular character of these handmade porcelain pieces. Their "imperfections" are a sign of their originality and should not be considered as faults.

The enamel dressed in platinum leads to treating this large cup as a precious object. It is therefore recommended to wash it by hand and especially not to put it in the microwave.