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Small irregularly shaped oven dish in white porcelain, 19 x 26 cm, height 5 cm

The small gratin dish is handmade in France. Its enamelled white porcelain gives it finesse and solidity. At each of the castings, we observe differences that are the expression of the unique and singular character of each of the pieces. Their "imperfections" are a sign of their originality and should not be considered as faults.

It is in use that we really become attached to the Plats à Gratin Affamés: when we have taken out of the oven the golden apples, the fragrant tart, the crackling roast chicken, surrounded by the quivering oval of a line of white porcelain. And also, later, with a full belly and languid legs, when you drag the empty dish to the sink to soak it, knowing that the next day, a simple wipe with the sponge will be enough for it. restore its original youth.

The little hungry dish goes without difficulty in the traditional oven, in the microwave as well as in the dishwasher.