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White porcelain, stainless steel and wood teapot, 1 litre, length 25 cm, Ø 10 cm

Tail in the air, Mirza comes running at the first whistle of the kettle, eager to bring the comfort of a tea or herbal tea to its owner. It is opened by slightly pushing the piece of metal that blocks the lid forward; the tea or the leaves take place in the filter, then, sprinkled with boiling water, infuse.

Mirza's pedigree endows it with a wooden handle, an aluminum lid and a stainless steel filter. This enamelled white porcelain teapot is handmade in Hungary, according to the artisanal principle of casting which gives it its irregular shape.

Mirza can wear a coat (red or orange, the choice is yours) and thus keep the drink warm longer in her lap. To wash it, we undress it: once dry, we dress it again, it's very simple.
She then adopts a vertical position, stationary, muzzle in the air, waiting for orders, asking for a sign.